HEC alerts students about fake news

HEC alerts students about fake news

HEC alerts students about fake news

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) had alerted the students about the misinformation being circulated on social media by ‘anti-education’ groups with regards to HEC website hacking and other fake news. 

In an official press release, HEC has clarified that contrary to some reports, the news regarding website hacking is incorrect. “The fake information consists simply of crude photoshop images designed by some persons pushing anti-education agendas and circulated by them through their WhatsApp and social media links”, stated HEC. 


According to officials, the images seem to be the screenshots of the HEC website but are the manipulations of other downloaded content from the website, the statement added. While the news of the website being hacked is baseless, HEC says that there have been cyber-attacks on the website in which servers from outside the country were involved. The technical teams at HEC are working round the clock to ward off the attacks. 

The document further advised the students and research communities and the general public to stay vigilant and trust no sources except the HEC website and the official social media accounts of HEC. 

The document stated that the issue is reported to the cybercrime unit of the Federal Investigation Agency

Students threaten to protest against HEC

It is pertinent to mention that in the past week, students’ unions and individuals have registered protests against HEC’s policy on education amid Coronavirus led university closure. The students from across the country came out to protest against private universities for demanding fees from students and against HEC for providing “failed online education policy” for university students.

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