About Us

We aim to provide solutions

Bringing transparency to the wealth of study opportunities, Campus Guru, a one of its kind education platform, dedicates its services to all students, teachers, and institutes, all across Pakistan! We aim to offer a solution to bridge the massive information gap for not only finding the institutes best fit for you but also keep you informed about all potential educational opportunities. 

We aim to cultivate inclusivity 

Campus Guru invites you to explore and make an informed choice, browsing through over 1500 courses at 3,000+ educational institutes across the country listed on our website. 
With resources fine-tuned to cater to individuals across the country, including readable (blogs) and visual (videos) material, Campusguru.pk is accessible from the bustling streets of Karachi to the serene valleys of Gilgit Baltistan, to everyone with internet access. 

We aim to keep you informed

Stressing over the importance of education, Campus Guru offers valuable information such as comprehensive details about institutes across Pakistan, including admissions, past papers, results, date sheets, and potential scholarships for Pakistani students. Not only that, through our vocational hub, list through volunteering possibilities with NGOs or develop skills at your nearest research and training institutes or learn at tuition centers and find out about testing services. Through it all, Campus Guru aims to keep you informed. 

Campusguru.pk came into being in January 2020 under Express Media Group. 

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