TikTok tests 'Learn' feed encouraged by growing interest in educational videos

TikTok tests 'Learn' feed encouraged by growing interest in educational videos

TikTok tests 'Learn' feed encouraged by growing interest in educational videos

Video sharing app TikTok has announced a new ‘Learn’ feature. As learning shifts online, there is a growing interest in content that makes learning more enjoyable, reports TikTok.

After forming a $50 million Creative Learning Fund, to support their community during the pandemic, TikTok has partnered with over 800 public figures, media publishers, educational institutions, and real-world professional experts to bring learning material to the app.

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 “We’ve been humbled to be able to bring these grants to educators, professional experts, and nonprofits who have the power to offer us creative learning especially during this tough time,” TikTok said on their blog.

Organizations including Aquarium of the Pacific have shared explainers about endangered giant sea bass. Cindy Lai, an independent fitness trainer in New York whose business was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, is sharing tips on how to exercise and stay fit while sheltering at home. Farm owner Page Pardo in St Louis is sharing videos highlighting lessons from owning a farm, like what it means to "sweat like a pig."

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The new 'Learn' feed option will appear alongside 'Following' and 'For You' streams, and will feature educational videos.

TikTok is collaborating with experts who will be bringing inspirational, informational content to their community such as Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lilly Singh and Tyra Banks.

“I’m happy to work with my StarTalk team to bring a stream of fun, educational content to the platform. Science has always been a passion of mine and it’s my goal to make it a passion of yours."

Motivated by the positive response to #LearnOnTikTok the app decided to do more.

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“To support the growth in creative learning, we're exploring additional ways to showcase the rich offering of instructional content that's thriving on the platform, and we're building a creator learning portal that will provide insights, tools, and best practices on how to create quality content on TikTok.”

Published by The Express Tribune, Tech Desk on November 9th.

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