A startup launched AirSchool for local audience

A startup launched AirSchool for local audience

A startup launched AirSchool for local audience

An education startup has recently launched a venture with the name Airschool which is now live and offers a list of courses tailored for Pakistani audiences; the courses are available in Urdu and English. 

Instead of using a pre-recorded method, the courses are live conducted by prominent specialists and professionals with relevant skill and credibility in their related fields.

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While coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the country's education system and has pretty much created an academic vacuum for students, many experts and startups are trying to fill the gap by introducing new ways of technology-based online learning. The Airschool aims to provide education by filling the gap and created by COVID-19 for both teachers and students while also helping the teachers find a way to earn their living by teaching online. 

"Driven by the belief to democratize access to education, Airschool is onboarding the best experts who are offering live courses at affordable rates," said Fatima Rizwan, Founder & CEO of Airschool while talking to a local media.

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The reason to introduce live sessions is to keep the learning environment interactive, which can't be achieved with the pre-recorded lectures. The live courses' objective will not only bring people to the same platform and engage them in a combined knowledge process to feel motivated and included. The courses include Facebook Marketing, Freelancing, Calculus, Programming, Ecommerce, IELTS, etc.

"The students join these courses for the content but stay for the community of Airschool. Each course batch has a diverse audience participating from Pakistan and other countries. This helps the students in learning and networking. The live environment lets the student engage not only with the instructor but with other students as well. The courses are conducted in Urdu and English, with instructors switching between the two languages," said Rizwan while speaking to local media.

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