Why are madressahs still open? Asks PM Imran Khan

Why are madressahs still open? Asks PM Imran Khan

Why are madressahs still open? Asks PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of madrassahs which haven’t closed down their educational activities despite the clear announcement by the government to close all educational institutes to curb the spread ofCOVID-19 second wave.

In November, the government had sent clear instructions for all educational institutes to close down until January 11, 2021 amid the rise of Coronavirus cases in the country.

"All ministers have jointly decided to keep all educational institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, and tuition centers closed. While online classes will continue from November 26 to December 24 after which winter vacation will start. Schools will reopen on January 11, 2021," said the Federal Minister for education, Shafqat Mahmood.

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According to sources, PM Imran Khan has inquired an explanation from education ministry on how madressahs are continuing their educational activities despite the clear directives from the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) to close all schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

"If all educational institutions are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, then why madressahs are open," asked the prime minister, sources said.,

According to sources, Ministry of Education has reached out to all madressahs continuing and holding classes. The minister has also sent the directives to close all madressahs that are operating across the country and said that he will explain PM Imran Khan of his decision as well.

Last month, the education minister had revealed that the decision to close down educational institutes was taken due to non-compliance with government-issued coronavirus SOPs.

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While talking to a local news channel, the education minister said that the SOPs were not being followed and there is a rapid surge in the coronavirus cases in the educational institutes.

Emphasizing on the importance of children’s health, Mahmood said that 50 million children enrolled in the educational institutes can become the carriers for Coronavirus for the entire population; therefore, he said that it is important to shut down the schools.

Earlier, the minister had also urged students to study at home and not waste their valuable time.

While taking on Twitter, he said “I request all students to use this time not as a holiday but to revise their courses, do homework - In short, continue with studies as much as possible."

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