Sindh accuses centre of curbing varsity funds

Sindh accuses centre of curbing varsity funds

Sindh accuses centre of curbing varsity funds

The Sindh government has accused the Centre of reducing the budget for the province's universities.

Provincial minister Ismail Rahu said in his statement that the economic condition of varsities in Sindh has deteriorated since the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-the led government that came to power in the country.

"The Higher Education Commission has halved the grant to Sindh universities," Rahu said. "Universities are suffering from a severe financial crisis," he added.

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The provincial minister said that due to the tsunami of inflation and increase in salaries, the expenses of universities have doubled. He said the Imran Khan-led government has created a crisis for universities by reducing grants instead of increasing them.

"Sindh government is committed to further improving the quality of education in the province," he said. The minister added that the federal government should increase the budget of universities so that they could stand on their own feet. He continued that the federation collects all taxes from Sindh, but nothing is paid in return. "Neither was the NFC award announced nor did the province receives money under the previous award."

He asserted that Sindh did not receive the amount from the federation as per its share and even the payments were not made according to promises. "PTI is squandering Sindh's resources, water, and money," he claimed. The minister added that many development projects were delayed due to the non-receipt of funds from the federation over the last three years.

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"The Sindh government will take universities and boards out of the crisis and their financial woes will end soon," Rahu said, adding that the provincial government had set aside Rs6 billion for universities.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 14th, 2021.

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