Punjab upgrades 1227 Elementary school to Secondary status

Punjab upgrades 1227 Elementary school to Secondary status

Punjab upgrades 1227 Elementary school to Secondary status

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar announces the upgradation of 1227 Elementary school to Secondary schools which aims to bring back 100,000 students back into schools which used to drop out.

While sharing this information via his twitter account on Monday, the minister said that “PTI’s vision is to work keeping aside political influence or merit and as a result, after months of homework we have finally decided to upgrade 1227 elementary schools to secondary schools”.

He further said that this initiative will not only bring more than 100,000 students back to school, but this will also lessen the percentage of middle-school dropouts.

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However, some people questioned the minister about the status of teachers who have been on temporary status since many years and have not been regularized by the government.

“Respected sir Punjab, more than 11,000 teachers are looking towards you and respected minister education Murad Raas. Please approve SSE regularization summary”, replied Ahsan Nadeem on the tweet.

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Earlier, last month Punjab government had introduced numerous programs to help curb the spread of the virus and encourage people within their homes. While the launch of Taleem Ghar TV channel being one of them, they had also promised that an app will be coming soon to help students to continue their education at home. The mobile application was launched in the month of May by the same name as Taleem Ghar TV channel.

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