Pakistan’s first Madrassa based incubation center to be established in Lahore

Pakistan’s first Madrassa based incubation center to be established in Lahore

Pakistan’s first Madrassa based incubation center to be established in Lahore

The MoU has been signed for the establishment of Pakistan's first business incubation center based in Madrassa. The MoU was signed between Jamia Naeemia Lahore, Shaoor Education and Awareness Foundation (SFEA), Islamabad.

Pakistan's first-ever state-of-the-art madrassa-based business incubation center will be set up in the new Jamia Naeemia building in Mughalpura, Lahore, in an area of 6500 square feet. This initiative aims to serve the cause of madrassa students and graduates' economic mainstreaming and create more socio-economic opportunities for minority groups.

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The incubation center shall provide madrassa students and graduates with basic entrepreneurship training, incubation facility, mentoring, and networking opportunities. It will also act as a hub of awareness for peace and civic education and improve employability and soft skills.

 "No young person should be left behind because of his or her social backgrounds, religious affiliation, or gender, this incubation center would be inclusive in all domains," said Syed Ali Hameed, the executive director Shaoor Foundation.

"Madrassas are supposed to educate the student's Islamic education and make them an active member of society. Providing them with economic opportunities would not only motivate the youth who do not get opportunities. Young men and women need society's patronage, and we must do everything in our capacities to provide them so", said Dr. Allama Raghib Hussain Naeemi, Principal Jamia Naeemia.

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The Shaoor Foundation seeks to strengthen the process of socio-economic development and empowerment at the grassroots level of the disadvantaged groups, in particular women and young people. Jamia Naeemia and Jamia Sirajia (Jamia Naeemia's female branch) have male and female students from all over Pakistan and have associated madrassas and being based in the provincial capital. Adding Jamia Naeemia and Jamia Sirajia into Pakistan's entrepreneurial ecosystem will begin a new era for madrassas.

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