IBA eases admission criteria amid COVID-19 uncertainty

IBA eases admission criteria amid COVID-19 uncertainty

IBA eases admission criteria amid COVID-19 uncertainty

While the cloud of uncertainty hovers over the students, The Institute of Business Administration, Karachi has come up with the policy to ease the admission process for the prospective students.

In the major steps taken by the IBA, Karachi, the institute will accept the guidance grading by the Cambridge Board and final exam results from local boards of education. Moreover, the Institute will also accommodate students whose A-level results are pending and will offer them a conditional admission. To secure their seat, the candidates will be required to give exams by the end of the year and submit their results to the institute. The students will also be offered a reduced course load in order to remain focused on their A level exams while continuing their studies at IBA.

The policy has also suggested that in case of COVID-19 lockdown extends, the institute will take selected candidates on the basis of an interview and eliminate the Aptitude test.

The selection criteria will be formulated by the IBA Admissions Committee once all candidates of respective programs submit the application form. To get information about the form and deadline calendar, students can visit the IBA website.

While announcing the new policy, IBA Executive Director Dr, S Akbar Zaidi expressed concern for prospective students, who are the future of the institute. He said that IBA will not leave any stone unturned and will start the new academic year on time.

“We will try our best to make our admission process as flexible as we can, while upholding merit and ensuring quality, to cater to the needs of these students affected by extraordinary circumstances”, he assured.

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