LUMS hikes fee by 41% amid COVID-19 Crises

LUMS hikes fee by 41% amid COVID-19 Crises

LUMS hikes fee by 41% amid COVID-19 Crises

While the country is amidst the global pandemic crises and a number of students unsure about the learning continuity, the Lahore University of Management Sciences has raised tuition fees by 41 percent, reported a news outlet on Monday.

The issue of the LUMS fee hike remained a trend on Monday on Twitter where students complained and expressed outrage over the decision.

“Desperately hoping that something works out and all of this gets fixed because I cannot look at my parents in the eyes and tell them they have to pay extra 1.5 lac for my education”, tweeted Amna, a student at LUMS.

The reports state that previously, the university policy was to divide its total fee by 20, which used to result on lower credit hour rate but in the light of the revised policy the total fee will be divide by 12 credit hours.

The per credit hour fee has been increased by 13% due to inflation and on average students have to pick 16 credit hours per semester which will add up to 41 percent of raise in tuition fee.

Therefore, the fee for 2 credit hour which was Rs. 340,200 before will be increased to Rs 482,000.

“The fact that the university can even consider a fee increase during these extremely uncertain times is absolutely ludicrous. LUMS management needs to cut costs at the top of its hierarchy to meet whatever needs it has rather than fleecing students”, tweeted one of the Assistant Professor at LUMS

The university has said that this would make a negligible difference, the reports suggest that majority of students would be affected by the new policy.

In other reports, FCCU has also increased fees by 40% and GCU is charging a fee for no classes.

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