Harvard University launches 4 free online courses

Harvard University launches 4 free online courses

Harvard University launches 4 free online courses

Harvard University has launched 4 new free Computer Science courses in partnership with Edx, a leading American online course platform.

Previously, during the Coronavirus pandemic, Harvard University had launched 64 free online courses to encourage students to learn their favorite subjects from all over the world.

Here are the 4 new free courses that have been launched by Harvard University.

CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

The concepts and algorithms at the core of modern artificial intelligence are covered in this course.

Students can learn graph search algorithms, classification, optimization, reinforcement learning, and many other aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning through hands-on projects.

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CS50’s Mobile App Development with React Native

This unit teaches JavaScript (including ES6 and ES7) and JSX, a JavaScript extension. 

Students can gain Respond's expertise and its paradigms, app design, and user interfaces through Hands-on projects.

Using Python for Research

This course is aimed at bridging the gap in Python between introductory and advanced techniques.

Students can learn about methods widely used in research settings after studying the fundamentals of Python 3.

With different case studies chosen for their scientific depth and coverage of various Python features, students will also get to practice their newly learned Python skills.

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Data Science: R Basics

This course teaches the fundamentals of R programming to students.

Students can learn R functions and data forms, vectors, and advanced functions such as sorting throughout this course.

General programming functions such as "if-else" and "for loop" commands will also be used, and how to wrangle, interpret, and visualize data will be studied.

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