Crisis at Islamia College

Crisis at Islamia College

Crisis at Islamia College

The institution's reputation is plagued by robberies, protests, and other issues, according to Express Tribune.

The current state of affairs at Islamia College in the provincial capital is not consistent with the image classical educational institutions project as beacons of hope for the nation's advancement.

Founded in the early 20th century in Peshawar, Islamia College has a rich history, including its substantial role in pre-independent Pakistan. As well as producing many accomplished alumni who served the nation, its affiliate institution, Jamia Usmania, has long been regarded as the ‘mother of knowledge’.

Recently, the two institutions have caught the public's attention for all the wrong reasons. The colleges have become sites of widespread social chaos as a result of regular student protests, frequent robberies, and occasional murders.

The Express Tribune corresponded with a senior alumnus, Izhar Ullah.

“The good reputation of the Islamia College has long gone. Given daily protests, student clashes and crime occurrences, regular classes no longer take place. If the current situation persists, soon enough no parent would want to send their child for studying here,” he added.

The Peshawar University Teachers Association's President, Dr. Muhammad Uzair, attributes the deteriorating law and order atmosphere on campuses to poor administrative structures and inadequate vigilance.

The administration does not monitor the conduct of classes nor does it guarantee the availability of 350 faculty members, said Dr. Uzair.

In order to keep track of student activity and curb crime, the vigilance department does not invest in modern surveillance equipment, such as security cameras.

A major factor behind regular faculty-led protests, according to Dr. Uzair, also lies in the low wages of faculty members.

According to a teacher at Islamia College, most of the chosen administration comes from far-away and distant areas and is unprepared to deal with local realities. The recent murders on campus have also contributed to the institution's rising notoriety.

The murder of a professor at Islamia College by a security guard and the murder of a security personnel at Jamia Usmania created great outrage among students and alumni, who demanded swift action be taken.

Islamia College Senior Alumni Association President Khan Zaman stated that the government, administration, faculty and students must take action to restore repute and prestige to these historical institutions.

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