All you need to know about HEC’s new PhD policy

All you need to know about HEC’s new PhD policy

All you need to know about HEC’s new PhD policy

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Wednesday announced a new PhD policy all over the country according to which anyone with 16 years of education can now apply for a PhD.

According to the new policy, the prerequisite for an MS and MPhil for doctoral studies has been abrogated.

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The HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri said that the new policy will be in effect from January 1, 2021.

As per the policy, the already enrolled PhD students may not get the full benefit except some sections, which will be applicable to the alumina.

Furthermore, for the first time, the students will be able to pursue PhD doctorate in the discipline other than their own. The policy has removed the requirement for the PhD in the same discipline as Masters.

The requirement for MPhil leading to PhD is also removed; however, MS/MPhil degrees can be obtained on the basis of required qualification.

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PhD students will not be allowed to leave their home country for at least two years, stated the policy.

The policy also notified that the requirement to send the PhD dissertation to the foreign academia for review will also be abolished and the candidates will be allowed to send their research to Pakistani academia for review.

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