925 students, staff quarantined after coronavirus outbreak

925 students, staff quarantined after coronavirus outbreak

925 students, staff quarantined after coronavirus outbreak

A total of 925 students and school staff members are asked to quarantine after a school reopened amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Georgia.

“Since schools reopened on Aug. 3, 59 staff and students have tested positive COVID-19”, said the Superintendent of Cherokee County School District Dr. Brian V. Hightower in a statement posted online on Tuesday.

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“We are not hesitating to quarantine students and staff who had had possible exposure,” read the statement, “even if the positive test was prompted by possible exposure rather than symptoms, as all positive cases can lead to the infection of others.”

Hightower said as a result of the outbreak, one school — Etowah High School — is now closed.

“It is our hope to restart in-person classes at Etowah High School on Monday, Aug. 31,” the statement said. “This decision was not made lightly; it was made with the support of School Board Members, and was determined, as all of our quarantine decisions are made, in consideration with the Department of Public Health.”, Hightower was quoted in a news report.

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It is pertinent to note that Cherokee County is the largest school district in Georgia that is presently allowing physical school classroom teaching.

As the schools around the world have started reopening, Pakistan is yet to confirm the tentative announcement regarding the reopening of schools in the mid of September. Meanwhile, the died down virus has also started to spike in Pakistan since last week.

Source: Globalnews.ca

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