"The statement of the education minister is irresponsible and hurtful, Qaiserani"

"The statement of the education minister is irresponsible and hurtful, Qaiserani"

The government school teacher’s federations criticized the Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mehmood, for calling the government school's standard of education as "second grade" compared to the standard of education in private schools.

While speaking at the National Assembly Budget session, the education minister commended the private schools for having a standardized education system, whereas, called the government schools, education as sub-standard. While delivering a speech at the Budget session, he said that it is unfortunate that only private schools' students reach all the high-level professional positions. 

Contrary to the statement of education minister, The President of Teachers' body, Professor Ghulam Akbar Qaiserani said that the account had hurt the sentiments of millions of government school teachers. "This statement by education minister does not suit him as he is the custodian of these government schools. Millions of school teachers are hurt because of this false statement for which the minister should apologize", said the Chairman Teachers federation for mutual forum Hafiz Abdul Nasir in a committee meeting.

The committee further demanded that the education minister should take his statement back on the assembly floor. 

"We want to tell the minister that private school education system is exposed in the past two years CSS results where last year out of 9316 candidates 202 and this year out of 13500 only 312 candidates from private schools background could pass", stated the committee. The committee further said that if the minister wants to evaluate the standard of English medium schools, then check the CSS English exam paper by students of private school background, "you would find most of them have failed in English," said the committee. 

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