Single National Curriculum to be enforced from 2021

Single National Curriculum to be enforced from 2021

Single National Curriculum to be enforced from 2021

The Ministry for Education and Professional Training has announced the first phase of the Single National Curriculum (SNC) which will be implemented effective year 2021.

According to the official document, SNC will be enforced phase wise. A single uniform syllabus will be introduced by March 2021 for the grades one to five by, for class 6 to 8 in March 2022 and for class 9 to 12 in 2023.

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Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood reportedly said, SNC for grade 1 to 5 has been published on the ministry’s website and can be downloaded from here.

Minister said that the single syllabus has been formulated after an exceptional review process taking every stakeholder on board. He stated that suggestions to improve the curriculum will also be welcomed.

The official document noted that the new curriculum is devised to stimulate the uniform prospects of high-excellence education for all children irrespective of their social and financial status.

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The official document further stated that it aims to provide single system of Education for all, in terms of syllabus, mode of instruction and single evaluation and assessment platform to have a fair and equal prospects for all children to receive high quality education.

The new syllabus will also be implemented across the board in all schools of Pakistan including public and private sectors as well as madrassas.

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