Pakistani edtech startup scores largest pre-seed funding

Pakistani edtech startup scores largest pre-seed funding

Pakistani edtech startup scores largest pre-seed funding

A Pakistani edtech startup named Maqsad has raised $2.1 million in a pre-seed funding round managed by Indus Valley Capital but also took part in Alter Global, Fatima Gobi Ventures, and several startup initiators from Pakistan and middle-east.

The aim of the application is to launch a mobile-only platform to additional education support to “100 million” Pakistani students, says a press release issued by the company.

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Maqsad is a creative idea devised by childhood friends Taha Ahmed and Rooshan Aziz, which aims to impart content Urdu and English content that will cater high-quality localized educational material.

The application will be augmented by quizzes and other gaming features that will combine to provide a tailored learning experience, the company says.

According to the two founders, the aim of the application is more than just getting students pass their exam; in fact, it is to revolutionize the learning system in Pakistan, “moving from rote memorization to place of real comprehension.”

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According to Rooshan, the idea was proposed during early days of pandemic which led them to run a pilot. He said that the feedback was promising and the potential for the niche market became very clear.

Maqsad team says that the strategy is to nurture a high-growth environment which brings forward the talented students to grow a world class product.

The founders have said that the application Maqsad will be lauched later this year.



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