Gov expands Ehsaas Resource Education program

Gov expands Ehsaas Resource Education program

Gov expands Ehsaas Resource Education program

The government has expanded the scope of the Ehsaas resource education program from primary education to secondary and higher secondary education.

According to Express News, the Ministry of Social Security and Poverty has set a target of adding another 1.5 million students to the Ehsaas Resource Education Program for the current fiscal year, in which 1 million of primary class students and 5 million of secondary students will be added, while 2 lac and 25,000 students from higher secondary will also be included. Upon completion of the first quarter of this financial year, secondary and higher secondary class students will start receiving educational scholarships.

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According to the official document, under the Resource Education Program, primary class children are given Rs 1500 per quarter while 2,000 rupees are being given to girls. Now under this program, boys in the secondary class will be given Rs. 2500 per quarter and the girls will get Rs. 3000. Higher secondary children will get Rs 4000 per quarter. On passing the fifth grade, the girls will also be given an additional amount of Rs. 3000.


According to the document, 44 million 50 thousand students have been enrolled since the inception of the Ehsaas education program and so far they have been distributed into a total of Rs. 19 billion under the banner of scholarships.

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