Dubai’s 7 Level Library

Dubai’s 7 Level Library

Dubai’s 7 Level Library

A new building was added to Dubai's impressive constructions in June of this year.

Reportedly, one billion dirhams were spent on the seven-story 'Muhammad Bin Rashid Library', which is designed in the shape of a book.

Boasting an exterior that looks like an open book, a clever pun, the 54,000-square-foot library houses approximately 11,000,000 paper and digital books.

A variety of books, magazines, and rare books are available in the library. In total, nine libraries are incorporated into one library. In spite of all this, entry is completely free, and there is a whole floor of digital and original books for children.

Over 5,000 books and journals that reflect the history and culture of the region can be found in the library, dating back hundreds of years.

Additionally, children from the ages of 5 to 11 are able to use iPads for free on the lowest floor, and several humanoid robots are there to assist or guide them.

With the app, you can order books, and the robots take the books, put them in crates that slide on tracks, and deliver them to you. There are also historical maps, books, and manuscripts of the UAE and Dubai here, making the library a museum.

However, the library is currently undergoing construction, and thousands of books stored in the store will be moved into it in the near future.

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