Careers that women pursue

Careers that women pursue

Careers that women pursue

While women are excelling in every field and profession and pushing the boundaries, there is a significant influx of women in certain fields where they are performing outstanding jobs.

Women are no longer confined to the professional boundaries created for them by society. In Pakistan, the common concept is that women should only pursue teaching as their career. 

So, if you are among the passionate women who dream and aspire to become leaders, here are some of the professions you can pursue, keeping in mind your talent, careers goals and skills.

Career in Journalism

If you are one of those people who cannot start a day without reading the newspaper or current affairs, this profession is for you. A journalism career is a bumpy yet exciting ride as you are always learning new things; bringing stories to the world that are still undiscovered is in its self a satisfying job. 

So, if you aspire to become a journalist, a course in Journalism and Mass Communication will be the right thing to do. 

While journalism and mass communication are challenging and adventurous, many women work as professional journalists, telling stories from complex grounds. Moreover, since digital media has come into play, it has broadened mass communication and journalism broader. Job roles in reporters, copywriters, producers, anchors, social media managers, experts, and columnists are in high demand.

Various newspapers, news agencies, magazines, websites, government, and private TV channels employ journalists from reporting, editing, and copywriting. Apart from this, international papers and news channels offer a large number of vacancies. Opportunities are also available in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

With a degree in mass communication or journalism, you can find employment in various Newspapers, Magazines, News Agencies, News Websites, Government and Private news channels, and radio stations. 

Besides this, international newspapers and news channels offer post vacancies in different departments and different positions. The positions are available for the profiles of reporting, editing, production, anchoring, copywriting, translations, scriptwriting, and video shoots.

Career as a freelancer

Women these days are performing great in the freelance industry as writers, reporters, voice-over artists, book editors, and graphic designers. 

In a freelance industry, the opportunities are endless, and one can choose to work as per their interests, expertise, and skillsets while sitting at home.

It is also true that the freelance industry is unpredictable, and there might be some days when you would not be able to get a project or assignment. You can make a great deal out of the few tasks you will be able to grab. 

Career in Advertising

Advertising has developed as one of the effervescent and creative fields of profession, which promises loads of excitement and creativity on one hand and fame and recognition on the other hand. Like every other profession, you must be able to build a keen eye for what’s going around you, understand consumer behavior and engage with appealing Ads. A career in advertising requires all-around creativity, understanding the psychographics, demographics of the consumers, and branding skills.

Required qualification

Ideally, a person entering into the field of advertising is required to have a degree in Advertising or marketing. The route for the degree can be MA in Mass Communication prominent advertising or BBA in marketing and advertising. Many students with a degree in Media Science are also pursuing advertising as a career.

The basic knowledge of marketing, creative copywriting, language skills, critical and creative thinking is a core of the advertising profession. 

Besides that, the ability to work under pressure, organizational skills, and knowledge of design tools are also crucial in advertising. 

Career in Fashion Designing

The rise in capitalism and advancement in living standards has impacted our lifestyles. Today, everyone wants to carry a sophisticated lifestyle in terms of attires, fashion, food, travel, education, etc.

Be it men or women; everyone has joined the marathon to win the race of fashion, glamour, and style. 

Fashion has become a vital part of everyone’s life in this modern society. Therefore, you are bound to grow and take your career to new elevations in the vocation. 

To join this profession, you should be highly creative. You must possess great visualization and conception capabilities along with an artistic viewpoint for blending fabrics, colors, and chic to weave the best masterpiece. Moreover, you should face challenges and opposition in this field and keep yourself updated with recent fashion trends and user’s fashion tastes.


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