Career trajectories for LLB students

Career trajectories for LLB students

Career trajectories for LLB students

Many students get an LLB, which is an undergraduate degree for studies in law sciences. The abbreviation LL.B. Stands for Legum Baccalaureus, where Ll. is the Latin abbreviation for laws. This 5-year program consists of equipping a student with the skills and values needed to be a law student. The subjects offered vary in every college, but some of the main ones are the law of Contract and Tort, Criminal Law, and Company Law. After passing their LLB, the person can get enrolled in the Bar Council. Enrolling with the Provisional Bar Council is required for top-tier legal practice. This highly reputable degree can open up a plethora of job opportunities. This prestige can be linked back to World leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammed Ali Jinnah and Margaret Thatcher having studied law.


Top Programs to Pursue After an LLB:

Many students who are more academically inclined or who want to get an in-depth understanding of the topic they are interested in can get an LLM, which is known as a Master of Law. They can specialize in many topics, with some popular ones being Taxation Law, Criminal law, and constitutional law. This two-year specialization course is favored by many students as it furthers their interests and knowledge.


Career prospects after LLB:

After completing the LLB at any of the recognized institutions in Pakistan, students can start their professional careers in the following areas:


• Attorney at Law

• Judicial Magistrate

• Assistant Advocate General

• Lecturer in Law College

• Legal Adviser

• Court Reporter

• Additional District and Sessions Judges

• Public Prosecutor

• Attorney General

• Advocate General

• Investigation Police


• Law Branches of Different Departments

• Excise Inspector

• Different Investigation Agencies Like Anti-Corruption, NAB, CIA, etc.

• Anchor Person

• Newspapers

• Corporate Groups



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