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5 steps to simplify the scholarship process!
اسکالر شپس کو آسان بنائیں اسکالر شپس کے پراسس کو آسان بنانے کے 5 طریقے
Although it can be daunting, there’s no reason to fear and worry over the scholarship process. Here, at Campus Guru, we have refined a simple five-step process that will surely aid you through your excursion so you can quickly begin your process. Extra-curricular CV: Make a new list of your non-curricular achievements. These may include taking part in debate competitions, or theater (including backstage). Here, it would be best if you listed down all your previous activities, keeping in mind it applies to your scholarship process. Transcripts: Scan your attested transcripts and keep them compiled in a folder so that you do not have to undergo any hassle at the last minute. Remember! Send attested scans only. Recommendation letter: Find a minimum of 4 people who can write a reference letter for you. Make a record of their complete contact details, including name, occupation, phone number, and email address. Anyone can give your reference from your teacher to your boss. However, keep in mind, the referee cannot be a family member or friend. You will also need to gain their permission beforehand and make sure they will write in your favor. Most good scholarships require three references. Complete applications according to deadline: You can be awarded more than one scholarship, which means you would be working towards a set of deadlines. These various scholarships cover accommodation and textbooks. Though, it would help if you didn’t worry about your deadlines too much as scholarships are also available post admissions. Keep all completed applicants in a file: Mostly, application essays are recycled. This considerably reduces your writing time. So you’d find it useful to keep all your documents compiled together.
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