How to Knot a Tie


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With that tie on, nothing can stop you. ٹائی باندھنے کا طریقہ اس ٹائی کے ساتھ آپ کو کوئی روک کر تو دِکھائے۔ A tie is your best friend in professional settings. It may be a part of your uniform or you want to appear proper at your next job interview and leave a good impression, a tie speaks about your attention to detail. Here’s a step by step tutorial to knot a proper tie: 1. Loop the tie around your collar. Leave the broad end on the left, longer than the narrower end. 2. Cross the broad end in front of the narrower end. 3. Wrap the broader end around behind the narrower end and cross horizontally while sliding it beneath the top and moving the broader end to the back. 4. Tie the knot from the opposite end to make your tie appear more symmetrical. 5. Turn the tip of the broad end upward and in, sliding it beneath the loop around your neck. 6. Adjust and tighten as desired by holding it gently in one hand and tugging on the thin end with the other. #howtoknotatie #tie #knot Campus Guru The one-stop education portal Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


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