Five easy tips to work from home


How to

Are you working from home? Here are the 5 tips for staying productive and healthy while you work remotely 1. Place Do not stay in the room where you usually rest or sleep. This is likely to make you feel more lethargic and sleepy. 2. Let the Sun shine Researchers and neuroscientists say that exposure to natural light improves workplace performance. 3. Find a work buddy Social interaction with work buddies can alleviate the feelings of loneliness and isolation. 4. Make a Plan Scheduling a zoom meeting with co-workers at the time you usually meet for discussing the work plan is a good idea. 5. Lower your expectations Remember that everyone works differently. As a manager, you should know that not everyone is comfortable working from home, for some it might also be a very stressful task. #workfromhome #Quarantine #COVID19

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