Career in Digital marketing



Who is a Digital Marketer? A Digital Marketer the one who develops and implements strategies for new media and digital marketing teams. A Digital Marketer is required to create efficient, effective advertising strategies in digital spaces to promote products or services. Apart from this, he/she is also responsible for Tracking growth and maintaining analytics reports to provide up-to-date information to upper management. Required Qualification To be qualified for the job as a Digital Marketing analyst, you need to at least have a bachelor’s degree and to be a Digital Marketing Manager you would require a Master’s Degree in marketing or relevant field. Average Salary of a Digital Marketer The estimated salary for the Digital marketer in Pakistan ranges between 986,000 PKR to 2,560,000 PKR per year. This is an average yearly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits Top skills required for Digital Marketing The top skills required for digital Marketing jobs are a. Social Media Marketing b. Search Engine Optimization c. Online Marketing d. E-Commerce e. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For more career videos, subscribe to Campus Guru #DigitalMarketing #digital Campus Guru The one-stop education portal Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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