Saro Imran: Pakistan's First Trans Woman to get Admission to the UK

Saro Imran: Pakistan's First Trans Woman to get Admission to the UK

Saro Imran: Pakistan's First Trans Woman to get Admission to the UK

Saro Imran is a member of Pakistan's Transgender Community, being an adovate and activist herself for trans rights. Her extensive research and hardwork have resulted in her securing a place in one of London's most distinguished insitutes, the University of Westminster, to pursue her further studies and get a PhD.

The program which Saro will be taking is offered by the School of Organizations, Economy, and Society (SOES), which specialises in Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management.

Saro Imran complated her Mphil Degree back in 2021, when she graduated from Bahaudin Zakariya University in Multan.


Setting the bars high!Meet Pakistan’s 1st transgender Saro Imran who got admission in Ph.D. in London. Congratulations Saro,definitely you’re the change that we wish to see in our society,more power to you @SaroImran @imranhworld @ArmalaHassan #ExpressNews #Expresso #transgender

— Expresso Morning (@ExpressoMorning) October 4, 2022


The whole nation is congratulating Saro on her impressive feat. Her fighting spirit has been comended on more than one occasion, referring to her tireless campaign for trans rights in Pakistan.

According to the activist, society’s stigmatism and attitude towards her community strengthened her resolve and made her realize that educating oneself is a way to gain respect and recognition. This is the reason why she chose to pursue her higher studies and fight for the trans community’s rights.

It may be recalled that the topic of Saro's MPhil research paper was 'How to start a business for transgender people in Pakistan, objectives and challenges of business development'.

The activist has consistently spoken up about the transgender community, using both her voice and platform to bring light to many issues the trans members in society are exposed to.

Now Saro will be pursuing her studies to get a PhD from the University of Westminster, thanks to her dedication to the cause and exceptional skills. However, she will continue advocating for trans rights in Pakistan, emphasising how the community can be an essential asset for Pakistan's economy, boosting the country's financial situation. 

Saro is currently serving as a Communications Officer in a social organization working on the health of people in her own community.

It should be noted that even before this, she has represented the country many times on an international level; including her work with the United Nations.



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