MDCAT 2020: Students say PMC is a “Failed Institute”

MDCAT 2020: Students say PMC is a “Failed Institute”

MDCAT 2020: Students say PMC is a “Failed Institute”

Despite the reissuing the results and rectifying the errors, the students are still not happy with the regulator over the MDCAT 2020 exam and called it a "failed institution".

The candidates for the MDCAT 2020 are still not happy with the reissuing of result and the effort and rectifying errors by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and calling the regulatory body as a “failed institution.”

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“PMC is a failed institution. Neither can it neither make a paper nor announce a result properly,” complained the students’ right after the results were reissued.

The students are protesting over unexpected out of syllabus MCQs in MDCAT. The candidates also complained that the names on the result certificates are also full of errors. Earlier, the students had challenged the examination in Sindh High Court.

PMC re-issues result MDCAT 2020

The Pakistan Medical Commission on Thursday rereleased the result of the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) 2020.

The candidates can access the result of the MDCAT 2020 on the PMC's website. PMC has also asked the candidates to notify any errors.

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A screen grab from PMC's website.

MDCAT 2020: Students say PMC is a “Failed Institute”

According to the instruction on the website, the candidates who want to report a name and roll number mismatch, they can do it on this link, and if they want to apply for recounting, they can click here.

According to PMC statement, the regulatory body had received many complains concerning the results released on December 16. Many students who appeared in the test were wrongly marked absent.

"Some students also complained that their names and roll numbers did not match," it said.

PMC said that the body had to take the result down to "ensure that no student was deprived of the correct result".

"The MDCAT result is a computer generated result. Hence, any investigation required it to be taken offline and re-verified in its entirety through physical verification of students’ admit cards and examination answer sheets. Therefore, the examination team carried out a detailed scrutiny and re-verification process over the last 30 hours," PMC said.

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The statement by PMC claimed that "less than 2% of the total number of students" who sit in the exam faced these complications and submitted complaints to the commission.

Meanwhile, PMC vice-president Muhammad Ali Raza said that due to heavy traffic on the website, the users might experience some delay but “the website is fully operational,” he said.

Earlier, the PMC had announced that 121,181 students appeared in the MDACT 2020.

The new result for MDCAT can be accessed here.

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