Cambridge International announces running two exam series in June, November 2021

Cambridge International announces running two exam series in June, November 2021

Cambridge International announces running two exam series in June, November 2021

Schools will be able to request exemptions from some exam papers, like science practicals and language speaking tests

The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) announced on Friday that it will be running its two exam series' in June and November next year.

Recognising the challenges that Pakistan and other countries around the world are facing due to the pandemic, Cambridge International published support measures to protect students from the deadly virus.

A statement published by the Cambridge International stated that they aim to achieve their two priorities: keeping students safe and enabling them to obtain their qualifications so they can continue their next steps in education.

In the event that the pandemic affected the teaching and assessment of science practicals and language speaking tests, schools may request exemptions from those examinations, the statement added.

Cambridge International promised that the standard for the AS, A Levels, IGCSE and O Levels examinations in June will be aligned with the standard of equivalent qualifications being taken in the United Kingdom (UK). This will allow students to compete fairly with those in the UK.

Students facing any exceptional circumstances or illnesses will receive assessed grades from Cambridge, under its special consideration policy, provided they have completed most exam papers.

Cambridge International Chief Executive Christine Özden, in her message, said that the organization was aware of challenges that the schools have to face in the wake of the pandemic and they were doing everything they could to support them.

“We are planning to run our exam series in June and November next year as we believe exams remain the fairest and most reliable way to assess student achievement and the majority of our schools have told us that they want to run exams," he added.

Expressing appreciation, Cambridge International Country Director Uzma Yousuf lauded schools, teachers and parents in Pakistan for rising up to the challenge with fortitude to help students continue their education despite school closures and countless other obstacles resulting from the pandemic

“I thank you all for your dedication and commitment. Students have worked very hard under enormous pressure to continue their learning journey under the most extraordinary circumstances,” she said.

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