How to prepare for the NUST Engineering Admission Test

How to prepare for the NUST Engineering Admission Test

How to prepare for the NUST Engineering Admission Test

National University of Science & Technology (NUST) is one of the most prestigious Engineering, and IT institutes in Pakistan. The admission is subject to passing an entry test; a mandatory requirement called NET. The cut-off weightage for the entry test is 75%; therefore, the students are required to prepare and work hard to get admission in NUST.

The NET test is conducted three times a year, and students can take all the tests or just one. The best scores will be considered, so you don’t need to worry. However, many students appear for NET-2, which is not recommended because that’s when you will also be preparing for your FSc exams. This could turn out to be a disappointment for you in both Fsc and NET, so work it out smartly. The recommended tests for students to appear are NET-I and NET-III. In NET-I, most of the queries are from FSc Part-I whereas, the portion for Fsc part 2 is less, which will be an easier option for you to score well.

What you need to know about NET

The whole idea for attempting the NET is how smartly and strategically you try it. Many students prepare hard for the test, yet they cannot go through because they do not divide their time correctly. Some students waste too much time on one section, which leaves them with no time for other parts. We recommend that while preparing, think about making a “plan to attempt.” Your plan should include all the elements of how not to get panicked, how to divide your time for attempting each section, how much time you need to finish all parts. 

This detailed blog will give you an idea of how to attempt your NET.

MCQs distribution

  • Math: 80 MCQs
  • Physics: 60 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 30 MCQs
  • English: 20 MCQs
  • Intelligence: 10

Get your formulas right

Are your concepts in Physics clear? One thing is sure that even if you aren’t physics genius, but your concepts are clear, you can perform well in this section. Most MCQs in this part are numerical problems and less of conceptual ones from the books. You will be likely to find most Numerical questions from the last chapters of book one and book two compared to other sections. 

We cannot stress enough on how much you need to memorize the formulas. Writing all formulas down on a sheet and revising and cramming them again is a good practice while preparing for the Physics section. Another way of getting a more comprehensive understanding is to solve numerical based questions from various books. Looking for the answers in the “Key” books is not a good idea. 

Practice makes the “Math” perfect.

Yes, to perform ace at NET, your math skills should be on point and you can only achieve by practicing and practicing…

As the Math portion covers 80 marks, this portion for many students decides whether or not they will be able to pass the test. We recommend that you stay calm yet composed and spend 30 to 40% of the allotted time to the math portion.  

You will get most questions from the textbooks, but with a slight change in values, whereas the questions are asked in a way that checks student’s ability and understanding about the subject. Some students get confused and lose marks. 

To perform well, you need to practice thoroughly. More importantly, learn the properties of logarithms, theorems from the math textbooks of 9th, 10th, and FSc. Make sure you know whether you are applying formulas correctly. Moreover, the integration and differentiation section and chapter 4th of book two related to lines and their equations should be well-prepared.

Learn your Chemistry, focus on Organic

The chemistry section of the NET contains 30 MCQs, which are relatively easy to attempt. It would help if you had a basic understanding and grasp of the subject to attempt this section. We suggest that you revise the basic concepts, formulas, and their application, and by doing so, you can perform well in this section. Some of the questions from the Organic chemistry portion can be tricky and hard. Thus, a student should keep this in mind without getting panicked. However, the Inorganic chemistry section can be covered by memorizing the concepts and basics.


It is 20 MCQs, but do not ignore this portion as it can be the success section for you. You will be tested on your vocabulary, so we suggest that you start building it today as you cannot learn it overnight. Some questions will also assess your grammar, so do not ignore that. 

To practice for the English section, you can check out SAT English and Mr. Chips.

Do not forget that every section is “Important.”

IQ is the key

In this section, your IQ ability is tested. We recommend started working on your IQ from today. There is a pool of websites and application and other resources online to improve your IQ, why not start practicing?

However, you need to keep in mind which program you are applying for.

The engineering programs need expertise in MATHS and PHYSICS portion as they make most of the paper.

The Biological Sciences programs contain more questions on Biology and Chemistry.

Experts suggest that if you practice every day, then two-months’ time is enough to prepare for NET. 

We wish you the best of luck for the test!

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