6 Exam Revision Tips for Students

6 Exam Revision Tips for Students

6 Exam Revision Tips for Students

Many students find it difficult to chalk out a preparation plan for exams. The famous saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” is always pertinent when it comes to exams preparation. Some students assume that sitting down and reading notes is enough, but the truth is that there is a lot more to it than just that. Many a times, students immerse themselves in so much revision and reading notes that they ignore the mental stress that is piling up. Some students don’t eat or drink enough water while studying which makes their brain sluggish and their bodies lethargic. The stress and dehydration then reflects in their performance.

We at Campus Guru recommend a planned and balanced routine during exam time. Here are some tips that will prepare you for your big day while keeping you mentally and physically active leaving you calm and prepared for the exam day.

Prepare a revision timetable

Some students get overwhelmed by looking at how much revision they need to do before the exams. A list of subjects and topics that a student has to cover can leave them confused and stressed knowing where to start.

In order to make the target more achievable, we recommend that you create your own revision timetable - break it down by each subject you have to revise for and distribute topics for each of these slots. Some subjects require more time than the other and some topics are hard to digest than the other. By doing this, you’ll know exactly how much time you have allocated to which topic and which subject. This slot revision plan will save you jumping from one subject to another and skimming between topics areas.

Moreover, having a plan in hand gives a structure to your study time and helps you monitor and understand where you stand in terms of preparation. It also keeps you motivated during this nerve-racking period.

Research suggests that working in 20-30 minutes slots works best because this is when your attention levels are at their highest.

Find a study partner for study camp

The mistaken belief that revising is a solitary task is what needs to reformed. It might be true to some extent because it limits distractions but revising with the carefully chosen study partner can be fruitful in exams. Some educationists call it a ‘revision camp’ where you invite friends, discuss hard concepts, motivate and lend support via discussions, question and answers sessions and critically analyzing the concepts.

Revising with the partner who is an expert of the subject can additionally help you with the subjects and topics you are struggling with.

Your study space

Remember! Your study space is critical to a fruitful revision session. Your success is directly proportional to how distraction free study space you created during revision. By creating a space we don’t mean you spend a time in decorating a corner but that you dedicate a distraction free spot with ample light and fresh air. It could near a window in your house or outside in the library. Make sure the space has a good Wi-Fi connection, sockets to plug laptop and ensuring a space to keep all your books and resources.

Start early

Starting your revision earlier would promise that the tasks you have given to yourself can be achieved easily and swiftly. We highly recommend setting an alarm and get up early so you can get begin your studies - the sooner you complete all of your revision the earlier you can relax and unwind!

A research also states that students who start earlier in a day finish the tasks sooner as the later you start, the chances are that you will be tempted to leave studies and get distracted.

Wellness and Exercise

Exams can be exhausting task for some students where they find themselves burdened with pressure from peers, parents and teachers – it’s easy to get flabbergasted. But we assure that you are not alone and at some point of time in life, we all go through this feeling. In fact this feeling can sometimes be the reason that keeps you dedicated and pushes you to finish and achieve your goals. However, you can pacify the impact of stress by indulging yourself into healthy activities including daily intake of brain food – Read our blog, stretching and exercise. Healthy lifestyle benefits you and helps you prepare for your exams.

Think positive

And last but not the least think positive. It will be ok. Do not get disheartened if you could not finish your revision. Exam period is there to assess your abilities. Taking too much stress of exams can sometimes affect your performance even if you are well prepared. So think positive!

We wish you best of for your upcoming exams!

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