Is degree more important than a skill?

Is degree more important than a skill?

Is degree more important than a skill?

It is a general question nowadays among youngsters if Skills are better than a Degree? There is no doubt; the Covid-19 has helped everyone re-explore their capabilities and prepare themselves to tackle the new challenge, i.e., the Global Pandemic. This question has erupted in everyone's mind if they could meet the necessary demand to carry out efficient jobs working from home digitally. The biggest challenge for most working-class people amidst worldwide lockdown was to adapt the digital style of work from the analog.

A Skill with a degree or a Degree with a Skill?

Both are the two different faces of a single coin. To achieve success in the race of life, someone must have a degree in conjunction and skills. A degree would be as empty as a glass without water if no skills. A set of skills and Degree ought to go hand-in-hand in the survival of the fittest. The Degree is just certified documentation of the individual's academics, whereas not everyone with skills might achieve a degree. Similarly, the degree holder isn't always practically adept.

Let's take a look at history; we see that employers have set bachelors or more advanced degrees as a requirement for the interviews, but the world has changed significantly. People with the highest qualification are unemployed, and the less educated people with having expert skills are making it through.

A Degree is a gateway to employment.

Pakistan being a 3rd world country concerning technological advancements results from focusing more on academics, and the job skills remain ignored.

A degree is a good source of earning reputation and social status among the nation. It varies with the degree levels; higher the Degree, higher the salary, and post. It is an authentic certificate that enables an individual to learn the work environment and attain the ability to function at work.

In Pakistan, a degree is still considered a stamp of professional competency.

Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfraz, Punjab Minister of Higher Education, also urged that; Universities need to train better graduates.

"If we ask a graduate to write a single page on any topic, believe me, he or she cannot even do that. We have reached a point where we must sit and think about what is being taught at universities and the Education being imparted." – He said.

According to private research, 78% of the employers in Pakistan have shown an aggrievement over the recent graduates' quality as they are clumsy and incompetent for the market's jobs.

Skill training is a pathway to growth.

With the augmented change in the technology sector like Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics, the world demands an expert man for the job. A vacuum has been created in the industry for the traditional learned people, will go outdated soon. Unquestionably, soft skills like communication skills, leadership, creative and critical thinking will always demand employers. However, competent skills like programming, digital skills (SEO, Marketing, and Advertisement), and other easy-to-quantify skills are the industry's highest demand.

Self-governed learning, your motivation, and creative thinking are what is now required. As we talk about motivation, an individual with a goal-oriented persona is welcomed as an obligatory.

Formal Education is no longer stipulated for an interview in top-tier Tech companies.

The formal educational system is falling behind the needs of the top-tier Tech companies like Google, IBM, and Apple. It is simple; if you need to work, you must develop skills to get a job and get paid. In simple words, the diplomas and degrees will only help with a promised job, but no growth!

Why are internships required for a baccalaureate in Pakistan?

Higher Education Commission has set a demand for the Degree in recent years. A skill-enhancing Internship for a bachelor's Degree and an Articleship of a minimum of three years in an accounting firm for the Chartered Accountant (CA) is indispensable in Pakistan. Technical firms and other companies are also providing a platform to the fresher's to enhance their skills and creativity. A fixed sum of money or a stipend is also paid to the trainee as a motivation.

What next?

So, are we preparing for the next big challenge? With the rapid growth in the demand for informal Education from companies in need of the skills they require, no doubt a riotous change in Education is waiting at the end of the old fashioned education system's dark tunnel.

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