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Unique science academy Lahore

Unique Group of Institutions was established in 1986 by Prof Abdul Mannan Khurram, Chairman, Unique Group of Institutions. What was launched as Unique Science Academy coaching students in various disciplines, later expanded into an educational network which now embraces early childhood education to Intermediate, Entrance Test Preparation and IT studies. What makes it different from other educational institutions is its unique way of studies, dedication, commitment, sincerity, discipline, congenial environment and motivation. UGI has always given importance to the students and the parents keeping them abreast with the innovations being brought in the system from time to time. UGI has adopted skillful methods to educate students and as a result gradual improvement could be seen with every passing day. UGI has always tried to maintain balance between the modern and the traditional way of studies. Also, Islamic values have been inculcated to the students to make them useful citizens. The students and the parents have absolute confidence in UGI due to its rigorous education system. It is the education system of UGI which has enabled the students to snatch distinctive positions in Lahore Board exams of Matric and Intermediate classes. We are proud that ever since its creation; distinctive positions have been clinched by the students of UGI in the Board examinations. At Unique Junior Schools, we groom the students not only to be able to achieve distinctions in studies but also be able to express themselves in and outside the classrooms. Unique owes its success as an education system to the brilliance of its students, faith of parents and the professionalism of its faculty and management.

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