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Secretariat Training Institute

Secretariat Training Institute (STI) was established in January 1956 at Karachi as an integral part of the Establishment Division. The Institute was declared an Attached Department of the Establishment Division on July 1, 1960. STI is housed in its own building at H-9, Islamabad since December 1987. Primary mandate of the Institute is capacity building of Federal Government Employees. The training has two main steams i.e. Specialized Trainings and General Capacity Building. STI is the specialized training academy for CSS probationers belonging to Office Management Group (OMG); whereas different capacity building courses are designed and held round the year for officials and officers in BS-17 to BS-19 belonging to Federal government. Details are available on relevant segment of this website.
Their vision is to develop Secretariat Training Institute as a centre of Excellence and a catalyst for change in the Public Sector.
While their mission is to work with the public sector organizations for developing and delivering high quality need based training programs related to secretariat work as well as in the field of management, in order to build capacity, improve skills and bring attitudinal change among the Government functionaries so that they are able to perform their duties in an efficient, effective and economical manner within the framework of law and to the satisfaction of the people”.

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