4 Interesting activities which help in brain development

4 Interesting activities which help in brain development

4 Interesting activities which help in brain development

We all have different brain wiring and executive functions which means our ability to plan, manage time and remembering details are different. Other executive functions of brain include the ability to control emotions, solve issues, adaptability, coordination, and effective communication. Having these differences it is clear that our brains can’t work likewise but the good news is that science has demonstrated that we can improve our executive functions by changing our brain wiring. While students may experience difficulty at home or at school/colleges as a result of delays or differences in executive functions, these lagging skills can be developed via brain training exercises and practice. Here are few activities for students to do in their free time which promotes their brain development along with improving their key executive functions.

Reading is good for your physical and mental health and the benefits of reading can last a lifetime. Reading is a good way to strengthen one’s brain and improves brain’s connectivity. It also helps in increasing and improving your vocabulary and comprehension. There are a large number of books, novels, news, blogs and articles etc.to choose from, you can select any topic of your interest or anything that helps in increasing your knowledge. If you're looking for a way to get away from it all, fantasy or historical literature can take you to another world entirely. In case you’re career oriented, read nonfiction advice from someone who's already made it. Consider it a mentoring that you can pick up and set down whenever it's convenient for you.

Games with friends:
Next time you plan a visit to friends’ place or whether it’s a cousins get together rather than being on your phones you can have a quality time playing together along with improving your brain development. You can play cards or board games like chess, UNO, ludo and monopoly. All of these games focus on problem solving and collaboration whereas games like Jenga help with attention, composition, coordination, and frustration tolerance. Another advantage is that playing games with your family and friends is enjoyable for everyone and strengthens relationships.

Online games:
Many websites provide excellent free games that are both entertaining and beneficial to a variety of academic skills. Games like Guess the Logo and general knowledge based games helps in increasing our knowledge whereas games like jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles improves our concentration. Other categories of games which help in brain development are hidden object games, Escape rooms and time management games. You can take online quizzes too of any topic of your interest.

Following hobbies & interests:
Just like our different mindsets and executive brain functions we have different hobbies and interests, it can be positive as well as negative ones but we must focus and follow the ones with a positive impact on our lives. You must practice things you’re interested in like playing any instrument, singing, cooking, makeup or sports. Follow these whenever you have time rather than just using your phone or binge watching. It is a good way to keep you motivated and active.

Stronger and enhanced executive functions will allow you to be more academically successful, better management with life's daily obstacles, and increase your ability to relate to others. All of these enhancements will help you live a more fulfilling and productive life.

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