Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

Barcelona, Cataluña, España, with its widespread shores, warm weather, natural beauty and diverse culture seems almost too good to be true, isn’t it?

Here is exciting news for you!

Barcelona is home to more than top 10 international business schools in Europe where you can study MBA. These schools are also ranked in the top list of business schools even in the world.

So let us walk you through five top Business schools in Barcelona without further ado.

We will begin this ride from the bottom to top institutes.

5. EADA Business School

EADA Business School Barcelona is situated in the center of the Gaudian marvel city. Its campus is located at 10 minutes walking distance from Passeig de Gracia – the most prominent and architecturally pleasing street in Barcelona - Mediterranean Sea is thirty minutes away from the campus.

EADA It is graded as the 27th top Business School in Europe, and, during the course of its years of work in the academic field, it has established a strong stalemate to the Latin American market, giving it an eminent positioning among other colleges and making it convenient for its students to find respectable job after completion of your master’s degree.

Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

4. IESE Business School

IESE Business School Barcelona is one of the best schools of University of Navarra. It has its campus in the northern part of the spectacular Catalan capital city, in the Pedralbes neighbourhood.

It is ranked as The Best Business School in Barcelona, 8th Best Business School in Europe, and 10th Best in the world. And, with such a notable record, there’s no surprise Harvard Business School linked and partnered with IESE in 1994, forming ideal joint study programs for both sets of students.

Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

3. ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School Barcelona is a prominent Business School with several campus buildings and amenities spread out throughout Barcelona and its suburbs (Sant Cugat).

It has been ranked as the second-best Business School in Barcelona, owning other titles such as the 6th Best Business School in Europe and the 17th Best in the world. ESADE Business School Barcelona also works a lot with Latin American universities, assuring a student exchange methodology from those institutions.

Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

2. EAE Business School

EAE (Escuela de Administración de Empresas in Spanish) is an wonderful Business and Management higher education institution sited in the central urban area of Barcelona. With more than 50 years of academic heritage, EAE is classified as the 3rd best Business School in the whole country of Spain.

The schools is also linked to several business schools in Latin America and have strong ties, exchange programs and even have some campuses in these countries apart from collaborations.

Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

1. Pompeu Fabra University Business School

The Pompeu Fabra University Business School is located 2 blocks away from Paseo de Gracia – the architectural marvel and tourist attraction which brought Barcelona the Royal British Medal of Architecture in 1999. It is ranked the 2nd best Business School in Spain, while positioned amongst the top 100 European business educational institutions.

The university has also received several awards and recognitions. In 2010, it was given a position of Campus of International Excellence; it was the first and only university in Spain to receive the Certificate for Quality in Internationalizations, and secured some high positions in the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings for their MBA and Economics programs.

Top 5 Business schools in Barcelona 2021

Ready to study a Business degree in Barcelona?

Now that we have simplified for you the choice of which business schools you should select and apply for, we encourage that you start the application process. Start looking for the well-suited Business Master's program for you. We wish you a great study adventure in Spain.

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