10 Best Cities in the World to Study

10 Best Cities in the World to Study

10 Best Cities in the World to Study

In the ranking of the best cities to study in the world, once again the capital of Great Britain, London, has come to the first place.

According to this year's ranking released by the British firm QS, Seoul, South Korea has been declared the best city for students in Asia, which ranks third after London and Germany's Munich.

On the other hand, no city in Pakistan is included in this ranking while there are four cities from India. It is important to note that 3 Latin American cities have made it to the list for the first time.


What is the requirement for joining QS Ranking?

Only cities with a population of more than 250,000 and having at least 2 universities in the same consultant's university ranking can be included in this list. Apart from this, it is also checked how many students there are in the city and how many of them are from abroad.

The cities included in the ranking are also looked at for how safe they are, the cost of living for a student and whether there are job opportunities in the city.

According to this ranking, the capital of Great Britain, London, which has been ranked first worldwide, is a city known for its diverse and colorful culture, where students from all over the world can meet and build their lives. There are many world-renowned educational institutions in London, such as King's College London and University College London, which are prominent choices for students across the globe.

London is followed by Munich and the South Korean city of Seoul, which had the same position in the previous ranking and has managed to maintain it.

Switzerland's Zurich and Australia's Melbourne are ranked 4th and 5th in the ranking of the best cities to study worldwide. Importantly, not a single American city is included in the top 10 best cities in the world. The American city of Boston is 11th in this ranking.


The 10 Best Cities in the World for Education:

London (United Kingdom)

Munich (Germany)

Seoul (South Korea)

Zurich (Switzerland)

Melbourne (Australia)

Berlin (Germany)

Tokyo (Japan)

Paris (France)

Sydney (Australia)

Edinburgh (UK)


Which Asian cities are included in this ranking?

The QS ranking includes around 140 cities around the world in which there is not a single city in Pakistan. But if we talk about Asia as a whole, apart from Seoul and Tokyo, there are many Asian cities in the first 50.

Among them, Hong Kong ranks 12th, Singapore ranks 13th, while Kuala Lumpur and China's capital Beijing are ranked 28th and 29th, respectively.

Apart from them, the city of Taipei in Taiwan is 31st and the city of Shanghai in China is in the 36th place, while Dubai and the city of Istanbul in Turkey are in the 51st and 52nd places.

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