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Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial Research

Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial Research (PCSIR) was established 1953 under societies act to promote the cause of science and technology in the country. Since 1973, it is functioning under the act of parliament which was amended in 1984. Chief Executive of the council is the Chairman who is appointed by the Federal Government. The 21- member council is the policy making body of the PCSIR, which is composed of Chairman, three member of the Governing Body, four Director Generals of PCSIR Laboratories, four representatives from four ministers, four Directors of Industries, on from each province and six representative of the industry. The Governing Body is the executive organ of the council and comprises of the Chairman and three full-time members viz member (Science), Member (Technology) and Member (Finance), nominated by the Government. The Head office of the PCSIR is functioning at Islamabad where offices of the Chairman, Member (Science), Member (Technology) and Member (Finance) and Secretary PCSIR are located.
The Lahore unit of PCSIR has as commendable record of achievements. Its scientists and technologists boost of having completed more than 500 processes. Many of these are in commercial production. As many as 100 processes have been patented. In addition to applied research, their level of accomplishment in basis research, the feedback for applied research, is further evident from more than 3500 research publication in journal of national and international stands. The laboratories are assisting the academic institutions by providing facilities to their M.Sc., M.Phill and Ph.D. students which to date can be counted in thousands Various Centres and Divisions are manned by highly trained researchers. Necessary additional facilities such as workshops, libraries and pilot plants are adequately available to meet the R&D support needs.

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