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Centre for High Energy Physics

The Centre for High Energy Physics at the Punjab University, commonly referred to as CHEP, is a national research institute for High-energy physics (or Particle physics), a branch of fundamental Physics. It is concerned with unraveling the ultimate constituents of matter and with elucidating the forces between them. Research in high energy physics started at the Punjab University in 1968. In November 1982, the Centre for High Energy Physics (CHEP) was established and entrusted with teaching and research in the field leading to a Master's and doctoral programme.
During the last decade CHEP has become a leading Centre of physics research and education that utilizes a variety of computational skills to train its students till, in case of the selected ones, Ph.D. A major expansion of the Centre was the start of B.S. (4-yr) Computational Physics in 2004 and M. Sc. Computational Physics in 2006. These are physics degrees that, compared to others, better prepare a student in using computers for teaching and research when it is essential or even helpful in achieving a good performance. A visible indication of this aspect of the education at the Centre is four computer laboratories in its three-story building. Each of these labs provides simultaneously a separate computer to as much as 50 students. Teachers use multimedia to demonstrate their use of computers that students can actively follow and implement their understanding on the computer.

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