Invest Your Time Valuably In Research

Research and development rests at the foundation of innovation. Investing your time and effort into research builds crucial skills that last a lifetime

Centre For Advanced Mathematics and Physics

Established in May 2004, School of Natural Sciences(SNS), formerly known as Centre for Advanced Mathematics and Physics (CAMP), is a young and thriving centre that contributes vitally to the research output of not only NUST but also of the country. The research carried out at SNS is regularly published in international journals of repute. 
SNS offers postgraduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science (MS) and (Doctorate of Philosophy) PhD  and an exciting four-year undergraduate program​ leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (BS) in the dynamic fields of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Our postgraduate programs emphasize breadth of understanding the core areas of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics in addition to culminating in theses demonstrating mastery in one of the many research directions that are pursued at SNS.

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