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Jawad Nazir Trust

Jawad Nazir Trust (JNT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide educational assistance to the under privileged children emphasizing on moral and ethical education and also mobilized in assistance of a cause for Elders and their family members. The board for JNT consists of young and pro-active professionals from different segment with the passion to work for the elderly.

JNT is a Pakistani student based Social welfare organization, working on the rights of senior citizens and numerous other interesting projects. Programs executed by them include: Community Development Program (My Place, My Dignity), Aftar lil Sae'meen (Aftar Project in Ramadan), SCRAP (Senior Citizen Rights Awareness Program), Project Eidi (Eid gifts for under privileged people), Today in History (A social media learning initiative on history), Responsible Me (Responsibility awareness program), Spreading Colors (Young souls development program).

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