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CARE Foundation

CARE Foundation Pakistan is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to provide a quality and marketable education to all. They view their work as nation building. By empowering children with a good education, they aim to make them productive members of society. They believe that one day, these children will help build a happier and more prosperous nation.

While aiming to establish a society with 100% literacy rate and contribute positively in betterment of the country, in 1988, CARE opened its first school on Sheikhupura Road, in the Pakistani province of Punjab and one school turned into several more. Not only that, they also have a number of notable extracurricular programs such as the CARE Club, which is an extracurricular program that gives their students a chance to hone their skills in creative specialties outside of the classroom. A foreign affiliated with the UK based Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) foundation where artists in Pakistan work with teachers to bring a unique form of teaching to the classroom to nurture creativity. Other programs include CARE crafts and vocational training. 

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