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Ansar ul Ilm Foundation School

Ansarul Ilm Foundation School is a Trust School providing free Education in the Township Area of Lahore to those children who belongs to underprivileged committed families in the surrounding areas. It is established in April 2011 in Sector A-II in rental premises having only KG class in the first year.

AIF School will provide an education to under-privilege children that will meet the needs of a modern Islamic Society and will ground in the timeless qualities of diligence, courtesy, honesty, integrity and a respect for others. They aim to develop their pupils academically, spiritually and physically, encouraging them to grow in confidence and to discover a love of learning. That offers more than qualifications and achievements; it involves a deeper and more profound development of personality and character, where pupils gain new perspectives as well as the skills necessary to flourish as individuals who contribute purposefully to the world around them. They are striving to cater equal opportunities for education.

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