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The Garage School (TGS)

The Garage School, a project of Safi Benevolent Trust, is a non-profit organization looking after the educational needs of the people of Shah Rasool and Neelum Colonies. Through education, TGS aims to uplift the community and transform the lives of these people.

The Garage School, conducts notable programs in an effort to uplift the Shah Rasool and Neelum Colonies. For education, the Garage School is registered with the Sindh Board of Secondary Education and conducts programs such as mainstream education, afternoon school and the Jugnu Program – Street Children Intensive Program. TGS also provides its students a complete health care including vaccinations. Once a child is enrolled in the school, he/she is sent to an ENT, dental and other diagnostic tests. This helps in determining the nutritional deficiencies in a child. In June 2017, The Garage School started a water filtration plant in Shah Rasool colony DHA Phase V. The purpose was to provide safe and clean drinking water at subsidized rates of Rs. 1/litre to the residents of Shah Rasool and Neelum Colonies DHA, Phase V.

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