The Case of Leaked Papers Continues

The Case of Leaked Papers Continues

The Case of Leaked Papers Continues

Another day, another leaked paper. This time, Karachi’s intermediate students were privy to their paper being leaked online yet again, and this time right before their examination.

For many students, the leaked paper incident took place right as they were leaving their homes to take their exam.

Since Monday, the week has been marred with repetitive incidents of paper leaks this term, with exam papers being posted online or forwarded via social media applications. On Wednesday, 23rd June, it was reported that another alleged leak was “fake news”, but it turns out that papers are getting leaked left right and center in Karachi.

Since Saturday the Case of Leaked Papers has only grown more perplexing. On June 22nd, the Federal Board’s 12th Grade English Final was leaked which set the tone for the week to come. Despite the chaos, students are still giving their exams, with authorities trying their utmost not to delay papers from taking place.

But the question still lingers as to how these papers are being exposed, and that too online. With social media becoming a very active part of everyday life and routine, especially for young students, who regularly check it before having breakfast, there’s no escape from the exposure.

Investigations need to take place in order to bring the leaked papers fiasco under control before it begins to ruin the system in place and weakens the educational structure and sanctity of examinations.

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