HEC devises plan to tackle hackers

HEC devises plan to tackle hackers

HEC devises plan to tackle hackers

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has come up with several plans to tackle with hackers disrupting online classes.

Dr. Khalid Banuri, Chairman HEC said in a statement published on the official account, “We are tackling with the situation of hackers who are trying to hack online classes and we are in the process of planning to find solutions for these disruptions”.

He further said that we have been reported a number of cases of interruptions, privacy, connectivity, and HEC is devising solutions for them respectively.

“Currently we have a national agreement for MS Teams which has been provided to universities, apart from that we are also using other platforms such as ZOOM, Google Classrooms, and others”, he said.

He said that HEC is also examining the situation which is new for everyone. “Online classes are different from regular classes, a teacher cannot conduct a 3 hours class online, there must be alternates and we will soon provide the guideline to all the teachers and bring them on one page”, he said.

He elaborated that some teachers have come up with alternates for examinations such as open-book exams, MCQs based exam and HEC is trying to devises a plan for the examination which is a crucial part.

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