FDE implements bag-free programme for junior

FDE implements bag-free programme for junior

FDE implements bag-free programme for junior

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has started implementing the bag free initiative from class I to class V in Islamabad.

The education ministry has taken the initiative to make primary classes “bags free" in the educational institutions of Islamabad.

In the first phase, class I to 5th students of Islamabad Model College for Girls, I-10/4, on Monday showed up without books.

College principal Saba Faisal said that the implementation of the project will improve the mental and physical health of the girls.

Environment the project, children of primary classes in all educational institutions of Islamabad will not have to carry their books to schools.

In the first phase, the children will carry only copies and diaries in their bags, while in the second phase, the children will go without school bags. The model college has installed beautiful pigeon-hole cupboards in classrooms to keep the books for the students. The girls pick up their books for the class and put them back after the class.

College Principal Saba Faisal said that the initiative aimed to save girls from heavy school bags as it was very difficult for them to carry heavy loads.

She said that parents of all girls have been directed to send their daughters to school without books. “The girls have a set of books in the house so that they can go home and work,” she said adding that in addition to this, the teachers work on the board and the parents are given WhatsApp images of the text being taught and given an assignment so that the girls do not even need to write a diary.

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