BISE issues instructions for upcoming matric exams 2023

BISE issues instructions for upcoming matric exams 2023

BISE issues instructions for upcoming matric exams 2023

The Punjab Board issued important rules regarding matriculation exams. Students taking the 9th and 10th class annual exams this year should be aware of the guidelines and follow them.

Failure to follow the instructions may result in your paper being canceled or even a UMC issued.


  1. The original roll number slip is required for giving the daily paper. It is not permitted to sign or write on the roll number.


  1. The aspirant must sign his/her signature at the specified place on the roll number and record this signature on the answer sheet.


  1. In any case, the candidate will appear for the morning paper at 8:00 a.m., the evening paper at 1:00 p.m., and the afternoon paper at 2:00 p.m. on Friday.


Prior to the start of the paper, a thorough check will be conducted as well as Naat recitation.

In case any irrelevant materials are found or any candidate is found to have cheated in any way, a UMC will be registered against him.

After getting your two recent passport-size photographs attested by any headmaster or headmistress, hand over one to the center superintendent, and bring one to the center every day.

There will be 24 pages of answer copy, and no extra sheet will be provided. Leave no blank spaces on any pages. After finishing the paper, cross out any blank pages. Check the answer copy as soon as you receive it.

Applicants who have any mistakes in their roll number slips in terms of subjects, examination centers, photos, practicals, etc., should contact the Board to correct them, otherwise, they will be liable for themselves.

Each candidate must keep the same roll number slip for the practicals as well as remember the dates.

Removers/fluids are prohibited

It will be permitted for candidates to use only their pen, scale, ink, and blue marker during the test. No exchange of papers will be allowed within the examination hall. Additionally, never use ink remover or fluid, etc., otherwise disciplinary action will be taken.

 As per rules, the paper may only be presented at the candidate's allotted center on the date scheduled otherwise, the paper will be canceled and action will be taken accordingly. If a paper is missed in any session, the candidate can appear in the next annual exam.

The supervisory staff may also expel you from the examination center if you eavesdrop or use illicit means during the examination as per the rules.

Calculators are allowed during exams

A calculator can be brought into the examination (only in relevant subjects) provided that it does not contain any devices that would interfere with the tests.

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