Students Harness the Power of Social Media

Students Harness the Power of Social Media

Students Harness the Power of Social Media

Students have packed on the heat with their most recent hashtag, ‘#Delay­_Board_Exams_2022’ on social media.

Students Harness the Power of Social Media

The power of social media to kick-start a movement has become a popular trend in Pakistan, with youngsters using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube to promote certain ideas/opinions or to make a point. Despite the trend however, the matter at hand is whether Gen Z culture will be able to bring about a change when it comes to the dynamics of examinations and studies.

So far, the hashtag has a force of approximately 13.9k in total, but continues growing in number with more and more inter students engaging with it on Twitter. With the exams starting from 14th June onwards, ‘Delay Board Exams’ is becoming more of an urgent request from students.

Why do students want Board Examinations to be delayed?

  • Students feel that they have not had an adequate amount of time to complete the syllabus for their board exams
  • The unstable situation in Pakistan has caused confusion with new policies and mid-term introductions made where students find themselves unable to cope
  • The month of May alone is not enough to cover the syllabus

Will this trend gain momentum?

Despite social media being a place where individuals can express their concerns, this hashtag is facing its fair share of backlash, from none other than students themselves!

With users tweeting that only ‘back benchers’ are using this hashtag to delay exams and get extra time to prepare.

Students Harness the Power of Social Media

The argument between inter students is inevitable as they agree and disagree about the plight of Board Examinations and how the situation should conclude itself. For many of the students, a delay in exams is fair but for others, ‘6/7 months instead of 12’ is more than enough time.


What are your views? Let us know if you think these exams should be delayed in the comments below.


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