Artist uses truck art to promote women's education

Artist uses truck art to promote women's education

Artist uses truck art to promote women's education

PESHAWAR: Upon first glance, they appear to be ordinary Pakistani vehicles, painted in a variety of colors and decorated with a variety of decorations.

That is, until one examines the vehicles' rear ends.

Images of women and girls, representing a distinct and powerful group message, are painted on the back of each vehicle by truck artist Hayat Khan.

For the past 45 years, Hayat has painted vivid pictures of famous superstars on the backs of trucks at the demand of owners who wished to make their vehicles stand out. The photographs ranged from photos of movie stars to military generals.

Hayat, a father of five, openly supports the initiative through his enormously popular truck art, which he admits was just not easy at first, especially since he had to persuade local truck owners to change their preferences and opt for messages that encouraged people to think – such as "education is power" and "education is light," which he believes must be extended to all children.

As a result of his art, he was able to educate the general public about sensitive matters such as a woman's right to inheritance and speaking out against domestic violence.

After a truck driver asked him to decorate his four oil tankers with similar messages, Hayat discovered the success of his effort.

"This was something new that drew my attention," remarked Abdul Karim, the truck driver. "I like the picture of a young girl going to school under a large green tree with books in her hand and a school bag," Karim added. "I believe the moment has come to put something significant on our vehicles and guide the people living in rural areas of the country."

Hayat agrees, saying that because the trucks travel to remote locations, they are a great platform for raising awareness about a social cause or problem.



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