Alkhidmat Launches ‘Bano Qabil’ Program to Help Students

Alkhidmat Launches ‘Bano Qabil’ Program to Help Students

Alkhidmat Launches ‘Bano Qabil’ Program to Help Students

Alkhidmat Karachi has launched a very aspirational Bano Qabil program with the goal of providing opportunities for young boys and girls in Karachi to get IT skills training and education so that they can start earning respectably in 6 months.

This initiative is part of the Rebuild Karachi program, which was launched by Jamaat-e-Islami leader Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman in Karachi. His vision is to restore Karachi's glory and make it one of the world's most happening cities.

This initiative works as follows: students have been invited to register for free on via the Android app and the website.

Because a large number of students are expected to apply, there is a limited capacity to provide scholarships for IT courses, and an Aptitude Test will be held to select the best candidates.


Successful applicants will attend one of seven hand-picked and specially designed courses at top-tier institutes:

  • Web Development That Is Responsive
  • PHP and Laravel Web App Development
  • MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) Development Stack
  • Create an ASP.Net Core MVC Web App
  • Dart and Flutter Mobile App Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant (G)

Every six months, this cycle will be repeated.

More on the Bano Qabil Program

a) High-value online training programs led by world-class technology experts, designed specifically for Bano Qabil students.

b) Alkhidmat is now a certified CISCO Academy instructor. Students will be able to obtain their CCNA and CCNP credentials here. This, once again, will assist students in quickly obtaining productive jobs, as well as existing professionals in advancing their careers.

c) Earlier this year, Alkhidmat established a skill development and training institute in PIB Colony that provides training in tailoring, electrician, plumbing, and water-testing lab technician.

Future Plans

Alkhidmat plans to develop a high-end skill development and training institute in Karachi on several acres of land that will be made available to Alkhidmat in 2023, providing free or subsidized training to tens of thousands of students.

A new yet noble initiative, Alkhidmat aims to help better the lives of thousands of Pakistani students. For more information, interested parties are encouraged to visit the organization’s official website.


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